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Big Horn, Yellowstone, Salt Lake City

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I had a great couple of days in Yellowstone National Park. First, let me say that the drive TO Yellowstone from Rushmore was to DIE for! I drove through a section of the Black Mountains called the Big Horn. I don’t think I had ever heard of it before… and I’m reasonable sure Roger and I didn’t take that route. BIG MISTAKE for us to have missed it the first time! I’m ecstatic that finally did find out about it. I loved it. It’s a wanna-be geologist’s dream! Such layers! Such unique formations! I had to force myself to stop taking pictures or I knew I would never get out of there! But I spent my whole trip through the mountains wondering about ancient sea beds and the geological forces that made them.

Yesterday I spent a full day in the park. I took the 8:30 am Ranger walk around the old faithful geyser basin with a good sized group. Let me just say…. It was COLD!!! I had to wear both the red hooded sweatshirt that I BOUGHT at the gift shop as well as the blue windbreaker I had to BUY as well….. you all KNOW how much I hate to spend money on overpriced tourist things! So you KNOW it was cold! I walked around other geyser and hot spring pools. They were all great to see! In geological terms, Yellowstone is changing with lightning speed! New geyser and hot springs emerge and die off on a regular basis. I am SO glad I got a chance to go back there!

This morning I packed up early from my Yellowstone hotel room… I had decided it was worth the extra money to stay in the park…and drove South into the Grand Teton National Park. They were also very impressive as far as the geology is concerned, although much NEWER that the Big Horn. The Tetons are geologic “babies” and have very sharp points and ridges… wind and water have not yet had time to “file” the edges down.

I arrived in Salt Lake City around 6PM. I have rented a two bedroom condo which I will be sharing with a friend from church starting tomorrow. The condo is very nice considering the good dead we got on it. It’s in pretty good shape. I did feel obliged to wipe down a bunch of surfaces and used a chemical cleaner on the upholstery. I’m a stickler for killing “other people’s dirt”. My dirt I can live with in “Happy Harmony”, but I don’t like that “OPD” stuff. That dirt has got to go! And so it has…

Tomorrow is the first day of the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly for this year. There will be FIVE of us from our church showing up to be counted at GA. It should be really fun!

I don’t have an internet connection in my condo… I have to go out and find one, so you are unlikely to get daily reports for the next week or so. I’ll do my best to break off from group activities to send the occasional email.

Having fun!