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New Hampshire

New Hampshire

I had FORGOTTEN about blackflies! I arrived in Concord, NH on Monday and did a little shopping until the afternoon, when my friend Colleen got off of work. We left my car at her work place and both drove to Eaton Center, NH (where Roger and I used to live). Colleen usually spends weeknights at her Manchester, NH condo, just minutes from where she lives but this night she had to return to Eaton for a board meeting of the Eaton Preservation Society held at a friend’s mountain view home. Colleen’s husband Tom and I were invited to a BBQ after the meeting, so we sat by the pool while the board members “discussed” the upcoming fundraiser. The views from the property were spectacular, but it was hard to concentrate on them while fighting off a SWARM of blackflies. As a popular T-shirt once noted… “Blackflies don’t bite, they suck!” And boy, are they persistent! Driving through NH with the car windows up and the AC on, the mountains were all nice and green. I had almost begun to wonder WHY I had ever moved South! The blackflies were kind enough to bring me back to reality. If I ever get the feeling again, I’ll dump some ice water down my back to remind myself of the (all too long) winters!

Yeh, I’ll stick to my condo in North Carolina!

We had a nice INDOOR Barbeque dinner after that! The next morning Colleen and I woke up at 4AM for the drive BACK to the Concord/Manchester area. She went to work, and I have spent the past few days shopping (there’s no sales tax in NH, so you might as well LOOK!) and relaxing in her very comfortable condo. I DID manage to find a nice housewarming gift for their condo. I think she really likes it, and OF COURSE it was a bargain! So everyone is happy! Tom spends part of the week in Manchester as well, so last night he was here and we all went to dinner with some other Eaton residents who also live part time in the area. Today I think I will see the newest Harry Potter film.

I’m really getting excited about my NEXT great adventure, which is three months in Israel starting September first. THAT will be a trip!