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Jerusalem Bound… off again!

Greenville, NC
Sunday, August 30, 2009

I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks home! I had surgery on my left hand to treat a constriction of the tendons of two fingers. It’s healing well. QUESTION: since when are surgeons twenty years younger than me?

I got fitted with mono-vision contact lenses because I finally got tired of messing with reading glasses. I also touched base with my regular doctor, who had no complaints about any of my test numbers.

This past weekend our church ran a car wash/bake sale/ book sale/ 50-50 raffle and grilled hamburger and hotdog sale. Everyone worked hard, had a good time and made money selling goods and services to (mostly) each other! I flipped burgers.

I’m packed… except for the usual last minute things. I’ve weighed my bags and will make it with a few pounds to spare. They still allow you two checked bags, one carry-on and one personal item on international flights. I’m using my whole allowance! I usually DON’T travel so “heavy”, but since I plan to be in Israel for 3 months, I’m bringing a bunch of things to make my place feel like home from the get-go. Somehow I don’t think they specialize in the kind of “asian-zen” décor that I like in Jerusalem! A lot of the stuff I bring will be left behind when I leave so that I will have plenty of room for souvenirs in my return bags.

So I’m off again! I fly out of Raleigh Durham airport on Tuesday, arriving a day later. Shalom!