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Snow Days in North Carolina

Snow days in North Carolina
Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been squirreled away in the house for the past two days straight! Starting late Friday night, it snowed, leaving about 2 inches of wet snow on the ground… then came the freezing rain which coated everything with a 3 inch layer of ice! Greenville, NC came to a standstill! Since this is not a “normal” occurrence, we are not equipped to cope with these conditions. My “Northern” friends will be shocked to learn that I don’t even OWN an ice scraper for my car! I don’t know if the town owns any snow plows… I haven’t ventured out to see!

Stir crazy? Not really! I have been taking Saturday as a “Sabbath” since I returned from Israel. I got in the habit there, and it feels good to have a day “off”. I know, I’m retired… technically ALL my days are “off”, but on Saturdays, I purposely schedule NO activities, no meetings, no lunches, no hospice patients…nothing… and usually spend the day at home. So yesterday I took a particularly relaxing “Sabbath”… sleeping late, reading, and taking a hot bath… that sort of thing. Wonderful!

Today our church was closed so I continued my home “purge”. I have been making great progress! I have to give a lot of credit to our minister, who asked if I would be willing to provide home hospitality to a visiting minister next week. YES! I said! It was just the kick in the pants I needed to get moving! Today I reorganized my bookshelves. Shelf space for my Buddhist and travel books needed to be expanded… as well as the religion section. I have weeded out at least three feet worth of books… a net gain of only about a foot of space, as I made the mistake of patronizing the local library’s book sale on Friday! I am moving out a “spare” desktop computer that was taking up 6 or 7 feet of shelf space, so I have filled that space with the excess books that I can’t seem to let go of yet. Thank God for my Amazon Kindle electronic book! I shudder to think what my bookshelves would look like without it!

Of course the Kindle comes with its own “issues”… I am proposing the new dictionary entry “Kindle angst”… Kindle angst /kindl aNG(K)st/ n. a feeling of deep anxiety or dread brought about by having too many reading choices on your electronic book device and not enough time to read. ex: Claudia experiences kindle angst every time she opens her kindle and sees 109 unread titles!

I have uncovered lots of lost “treasures”. The one that I think has given me the most smiles so far this week is my “Rider” pass to the 1973 National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City… a pass that allowed me access to the behind-the-scenes stables area for the horses and riders. No, I never WAS a rider at the National Horse Show… I never had enough talent (or discipline) for that! But I had friends who WERE that talented! I was 17 and cute and managed to “charm” a pass off of someone! The combination of world class riding talent, New York City and my own youth made it a memorable week! And it was a sad reminder of days of innocence, when virtually ANYONE with a cute smile or a casual link could gain access to the bowels of NY’s Madison Square Garden without having to jump through multiple layers of heavy security! I can’t imagine what security for the National Horse Show must be like THESE days!

Of course, I was telling a good friend about that slice of my life today… and she laughed and said she hadn’t even been born yet! THAT hurt! Waiter, may I have my reality check please? It just serves to remind me that each day is precious… and I should not waste a minute living an unconscious life! Thank you Shareen! I really DID appreciate the reminder!

Another “treasure” I have recovered is my file of old “letters home”… my “travel blogs” from before the internet ruled the world. I have a stack of about 4 inches of old letters which I need to scan into a digital format and get stored in a safer manner. For all of you who have begged me to write a book of my adventures… no, that’s not going to happen… but I will leave behind my letters and you can entertain yourselves in my absence! So far I am too busy enjoying my life to stop and write about it! Who knows… maybe I will spend my waning years collecting my thoughts! Don’t hold your breath though!

Life’s a trip!