Azofra Spain, 10 September 2011

The Queens Bridge

I am having a thoroughly pleasant day!  I only walked two hours this morning and stopped at the delightful little town ofAzofra.  They seem to be quite dependant on pilgrims…  there are just two restaurants, which each bend over backwards to entice pilgrims with pilgrim-friendly hours (no self-respecting Spaniard would open his restaurant at 7 am, if he weren’t trying to cater to pilgrims!) and pilgrim’s menus…. in four or five languages… and WiFi!

The town’s municipal pilgrim’s refuge was purpose-built.  There’s plenty of room to wash clothes and hang them out to dry.  The courtyard has a wading pool filled by a fountain…perfect for soaking achy feet.  And each room only contains two beds!  Luxury, as far as a refuge goes!  The night before I slept in a room with 90 people… and my bed adjoined another (two single beds pushed together as if to make a double bed).  THAT was an interesting experience!  Oh! And of course it was a co-ed room.  My bed mate was at least female.

I’ve spent my day relaxing, talking with other pilgrims… and visiting the church.  Tomorrow I’m scheduled to walk 15 kilometers with a fairly significant hill along the way… the biggest one I’ve attempted so far.  But I have a room reservation at the end of the road, so I won’t have to worry about a place to sleep!  

My feet are healing pretty well.  They still hurt, but everyone’s feet hurt… I’m not alone!

Life’s a trip!