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Jerusalem Viewpoints

2014 April 10

This morning I took the new Jerusalem tram to the Mahane Yehuda market to buy some breakfast fixin’s (is a ‘s proper here, or should it just be fixins?). Picture small stalls, crowds and great smells.

Later, I had tea with my friends Ela Jacob Drukman. That’s actually Ela and Jacob… but they have a joint FB account, so it tags that way. I met Ela and Jacob during my first trip to Israel in 2009. They opened their home in the northern city of Haifa to me for three days as part of the “” project. We have remained friends. A couple of years ago, they made a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela similar to the one I made in 2011. (I think I might have inspired their walk!). In just a few days they are leaving to Portugal, where they will make ANOTHER pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela starting in Porto, Portugal! Luckily… they needed to be in Jerusalem today for a Bar Mitzvah, so we were able to get together for a hot beverage and conversation.

It was REALLY good to see them! And I am looking forward to hearing about their Portugal pilgrimage… I have thought about doing the Portugal route myself!

Life truly is amazing!

Shopping Break

2014 April 11

breakfastShopping break. Now that I have my luggage, I needed to do a touch-up shopping trip to fill in a few gaps. On the list this morning are a cheap rug for my bare living room floor (I’ve got to roll around down there doing some physical therapy exercises), a spatula (they normally supply that… it’s easier to buy a new one than to complain), some decent sized tea mugs, and possibly something to use as a small shelf near my bed.

I’m on a QUEST!